another batchmate's wedding.

Just some pictures from my ex-schoolmate, Odah's wedding.

Yes, I actually remembered to take some pictures this time!

Zaza, Mimi, Difad

Ok fine, they're all Instagram pictures. I forgot to bring my Powershot.

The girl who just came back from Leeds!

OMG, do you know that weird feeling when you see all your friends suddenly (not only MARRIED) and pregnant?! I'm still having a hard time adjusting, and there comes this girl with her showing tummy. Sighs.

God, please let it be easier for my friends to see me when my time comes. They're all like, "you're way too small" pfft.

Congrats Dekmie :))

With the bride and groom.

Us! 12 years and still counting.

Don't you guys feel weird when your friends are soon all married?


  1. yes rasa sgt pelik and awkward. now still having a hard time nak digest fakta yg izuana ema dah ada baby >.<

    1. omg ema dah ada baby??? -______-" first aaj baby! outdated. kirim salam ema :)



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