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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


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I find corporate world is an alien concept to my being.

But I'm still breathing till today, so I guess things aren't that bad. Getting to the second month is still considered as a transition, right?

I envy those who can adapt effortlessly. Or at least, don't have to struggle so much.

Believe it or not, I just completed a 70-slide presentation pack and trust me, my final year project is only 20% of that. But the moment I finished it, the overwhelming feeling was unbearable. It's considered as one of my first tasks, the thing that would or wouldn't make a good first impression to my boss' eye, the beginning of what I foresee as my coming routine in this oil and gas business.

It's completely different from what I usually do, the past year. And I love that I'm doing something different - far from what I've experienced at other place before, yet closer to my heart.

This is it.

This reminds me that I NEED to blog about work attire. Apparently cardigans are my best friend now.

Anyway, I might be gone for two weeks cause I have to attend Petronas Induction Programme for new Executives, or known as PIPE starting tomorrow (I said I might cause I'm bringing my dear laptop too) so wish me luck!!

Another round of lectures, LDKs, etc..I thought I left that world already. Pfft.


  1. Congrats & Good Luck ;D

  2. congrats and good luck. those colors are vibrant!! lovee

    im your newest follower. Feel free to follow back ^.^!

    1. yup, so vibrant that I had to think twice before wearing it to office..hehe.

      thank youu! :)


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