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work desk deco.

I never really bothered about decorating my work desk previously, with no particular reason. I didn't get the excitement at all. It's like, you have tons of papers and files and books on your desk, beside your computer, in the compartments - there's never really a need to "live it up" because you're still swarmed with all those work assignment things to even focus on "fun".

Yup, I was such a geek back then. Or maybe because I wasn't planning on staying.
But now, I think I'm lucky to have a bigger cubicle with a lot of space and - wait for it - NO LEFTOVER PAPERS/DOCUMENTS AT ALL! Everything is brand new, well except for the desk and chair. But they still look new, so who cares.

I think that's why I'm so motivated to decorate and add some personal touch to my work desk. I've seen my other colleagues' - there are sweaters, nice blankets, picture frames, calendars, etc which gave inspirations to me.

But after a few weeks of working, my latest "deco" is this.

Yup. So sad. I don't need to post my entire cubicle's picture here cause you can just imagine it in your head - a cubicle with a desk, a phone and a laptop on the desk, two compartments, a chair. That's it. My books are all in the drawers, so my desk is empty as a shell.

Been looking for ideas on net, and so far I made a mental list to get (at least) these things :
  • nice calendar
  • colorful picture frames, which means I HAVE to get my ass out to print out pictures
  • nice files, binders and testpads
  • BOOKS!
  • 3 in 1 coffee/nescafe
  • a tumbler
  • possibly a wide LCD TV, if my boss doesn't mind.
But getting ideas from internet is fun. I'm actually considering these :

Little plant holder!

Tokidoki toys

Nice expensive headphones (still considering..)

Colorful clocks

If you need some ideas, go to Or if you want to be different from the other IKEA crowd. Which I think I might go to, eventually when I'm getting sick of ordering things online.

But above all, this would be the perfect work cubicle for me.


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