packing, again.

So today is my last day in Penang. Will be going to KL tomorrow and spend the rest of my life there.

I hope this tight feeling in my chest will be over soon. I hate leaving :(

Anyway, the guy I left in Japan after graduated actually came home for new year!! WELCOME HOME :) albeit the verryyy shorttt holiday, he decided to come home after all. God bless him. And since we live in different state, we might have our paths crossed if we get real lucky. Pfft.

And I stumbled across my old pictures in Picasa's web album, after signing up for Google+ a few days ago. (I think I like Google+ better than Facebook.) 

This was 2008. I hate growing up.

P/s : Ooh if you're celebrating, merry christmas!!


  1. hahaha zatil. kita ade baju sama! cuma mine sleeveless. pttla mule2 cam familiar jek.
    anyway, xde nmpk beza sgt pon gambar tu ngan sekarang. cute sama, pipi tembam pon sama hahaha

  2. i still have that shirt! one of my favorites :) thank Godd hahaha -__-"



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