how he met my mother

So after a few (5, actually) years, he finally gave in to meet my Mum. But I'm glad we waited, anyway, cause I know Mum doesn't like publicising things that aren't certain yet, and since we're both ready it just seems appropriate.


Mum is completely fond of him. She got all nervous before meeting him (really, Mum..) and as soon as they met, Shahrul was nervous too I could tell. It was quite funny. He was aware of how much closer I am to Mum, and I kept telling him to talk to her HAHA.

After lunch at home, we went out together cause lil brother decided he wants to get on a LRT. Mum was getting comfortable by then, him making a few jokes I don't get, made my Mum laughed, entertaining the ever annoying lil brother, met sister's fiance, and had dinner together.

 Bonding session with the lil bro haha.

But most of all, the fact that my Mum actually hugged him and cried when he was about to leave really touched me. I don't recall seeing Mum like that with anyone else, so I knew how much Mum adores him. The next day when I sent her off at the station, she didn't even shed a tear!! Pfft.

But then I knew, he won my heart when he won my Mum's.


  1. awww sweetnya. seriously <3
    yang bestnya mak zatil mmg betul2 suka kat dia. selalunya ade mak just bg restu kat relationship tp xde la suka/syg kat gf/bf anak dia.

    hope apa yg dirancang,dimakbulkan insyaAllah :)

  2. wow!so sweet...hehe..may u've long relationship with him..ever after yaa..may god bless both of u..when i see ur mom in this photo,she really accept the fact..hihi., and look happy with u love..=)

  3. Hi darling, how are u? I've not read ur blog for so long..anyway glad my lil' bro managed to go through with flying colours ;-)))

    Well, he should get some tips from his eldest bro too... make sure he will be on his bended knee when he's ready to be the Imam in ur family (yeah not to me in person hahaha)...he won my dad's heart without a doubt!

    Congratulations on ur new job & happy 2012 to u!!!

    Luv, The Shah's clan - K.ella

  4. hy.1st time masuk blog ni.
    so im lost.will read ur previous entri bila2.hihihi.

  5. @anon 1 : tulah, alhamdulillah :)) insyaAllah amin! pls pray for us :)

    @ChentaEty : aww thank you! :)

    @lynnaiza : hi!

  6. @kak ella : alhamdulillah :) thank you for the wishes! he definitely learned a lot from his brothers pfft haha.

    happy 2012 to you too!

  7. Hi darl, no lah...he got it from his own...those brothers never shared abt lovey-dovey stuffs unless been asked hahaha...

    So i guessed, we will be meeting you soon, right?

    K.Ella :-)



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