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Elena's screw bracelet.

Since I'm stuck at home, I've been having a few series' marathon including the Korean drama, the famous zombie series The Walking Dead (thanks to Star Movies for the marathon weekend), and also The Vampire Diaries.

Like what my sister said, gotta make full use of the holiday now before reality kicks in again. (She knows me too well.)

So after a few episodes of TVD's Season 2, I noticed this leather screw bracelet Elena Gilbert always wear. Before anything else, I looked for CC Skye first cause, you know, where else could you get a screw bracelet?

And it's the same exact one she wore!

I've seen my friends wearing these gorgeous CC Skye bracelets or something similar, but I've always thought these types of double wrap screw bracelet isn't my thing - I simply didn't see myself comfortable wearing it. CC Skye has some of the most gorgeous bracelets but they're just a bit too edgy for me. But then again, I've never tried one. And it's a good thing for my purse that we don't find CC Skye easily here (or if you KNOW any store stocking them, DO SHARE! Though you'd risk getting abusive emails from my boyfriend after that hehe. Sorry.) and online shopping is just not the same here like when I was in Japan. At least not for now.

Double wrap screw bracelet in navy

Double wrap screw bracelet in gunmetal

Some other CC Skye bracelets that I'm dying to own :

And 2012's new year resolution is coming. Great.


  1. I don't know of any shops which stock CC Skye so far, but even if they do, you're better of buying them from CC Skye directly, even after shipping. The Vita bracelets here are almost double the price relative to buying from the US. I'm sure if there's a shop selling CC Skye, the same pricing principle would apply (as other things sold here).

    I'm thinking of getting the Faithful or Love Spike bracelet to add to my collection (right after getting my bonus!). I used to think they're too edgy too, but now I wear them with my baju kurung... and even to work :)

  2. Woah that's a lot of info :) Thanks Mia. I'm reluctant to buy online cause I'm still viewing everything in yen, it sucks. Gotta get used to USD/Ringgit now. So you buy them online lah?

    Yea I still think most of them are too edgy for me..but these screw bracelets are an exception :) if I got that extra money, I'd buy the hinge bracelet too. TOO NICE!


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