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celebratory lunch.

So after everything was confirmed, the girls took me out to celebrate at this super nice place in Penang.

SO. NICE. The beach view was amazing - it felt like we were in California, or something. The hot weather ruined everything though.

But it was great just hanging out with them, like the old days. I've known these girls since high school - we'd always plan to go back to Penang during weekends, pack our things, take the bus to the ERL station from our school, take the ERL train from Cyberjaya all the way to KL Sentral, and from KL Sentral to Pudu. We'd conquer the bus with our chit-chats and annoy other people but we didn't seem to care - that's just how we were.

So it meant a great deal for me when they took trouble to surprise me with the outing plan; cupcakes by the awesome beach.

Haha aren't they cute?!

The best thing about it is, each of them represents the phases I've had in my life - school batch, Japan's flag (the red ones - apparently the flag picture was a complete fail HAHA.), WD logo, Petronas logo. They missed out Kobe's picture though!

But it was the perfect outing for me. Leaving Penang means leaving the good friends I have here, so I've been having mixed feelings - not to mention leaving my family and live on my own.

God, this is SO NOT FUNNY. But deep down I knew this is what I always wanted.

If I could, I'd drag all of them to KL with me. But that would be too sad.
Sheesh adulthood, I hate you.


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