such a weirdo.

Yesterday when I was about to head back to Penang, I looked for my cat to say goodbye.

And you know where I found him?

Happily snuggled in a blanket of my towels and white linens in my wardrobe.

I swear my cat is so weird.

He's been sick all week, and hasn't been able to eat anything. I kept umpan-ing him with tuna instead of Whiskas, but he still refused to eat.

He rarely fell sick, so I get so worried that I keep him sleeping on my bed every night - the one thing I always got yelled at for doing. But really, I've lost my cats before that I really really don't wanna lose another again.

 That's him in my wardrobe -___-

Anyway, I decided it was time for me to treat the whole family for iftar.

I KNOW RIGHT!! This whole thing is reallyy making me feel like a grown up already. Sniffs. Mum actually HAD to remind me that I'm not going to be given duit raya anymore, since it's my turn this year to be the one giving it.

This whole working thing is really, really annoying.
 Very simple and cosy restaurant, loving the lights.

Introducing, Weirdo #2.

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