I have a confession to make.

I have this weird magazine fetish issue that is seriously draining me out, and my purse.

I'm not kidding. It started with just a stack of magazines after 1 month, but now after nearly 4 months returning to Malaysia my room is in serious condition of being overloaded with the stacks, that even my mum is complaining.

Back in Japan, I used to limit just one stack per month, ordered from Amazon. With the boyfriend looking over my shoulder, I didn't dare to spend much on different kinds of magazines per month - why do you need to read the same topics on different magazines?? They're all telling you the same thing, you know - but now, with book shops just around the corner I really can't control it.

It's getting bad that even now, I have some lying around that I haven't even read yet.


And the saddest part is, whenever I see the magazines lying around my room, I get this guilt feeling hanging on my throat. NOT GOOD. Might be because I earn my money now.

So. The point is, have you bought the latest Harper's Bazaar issue?

Back in Japan, they didn't really give out free stuffs when we buy the magazines. I think that was probably why I went crazy here at book stores - Malaysian publishers are generous.

Because I am too excited over this.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen - now we don't have to google for Anya Hindmarch's bags anymore. Harper's Bazaar gave me this AH's The Little Book so that, you know, you can learn all of the bags' name and memorize them and go to AH stores or drop the hints to your boyfriend.

And yes, I think the fact that I'm obsessed over bag's names is well established, thank you.

The Little Book is actually for AH's latest A/W collection - starring Edie Campbell. Oh my goodness, what a perfect choice.

Most of all, I love her Twiggy-like eye makeup and pout - heck, I think I love her because of Twiggy.

In this book, there's also a list of AH shops around the world. There are even some in Japan, which I think IS A COMPLETE LIE.

I still remember walking around Shinjuku with my phone in hand, frenziedly trying to google map "Anya Hindmarch store" like a lost tourist. Japanese magazines should really start giving out free stuffs about stores list soon.

As of now, my love of the month list would be this.

I hardly ever buy bags in velvet/purple, but this one is an exception. Reminded me of the classic Coach Carly, too.

Last few days, I received this one news that still haunts me to this very day.

I never thought such event would happen to one of my own, to be affected this much, to humbly recognize what is meant by God's qada' and qadar.

Last Monday, my friend who's currently studying in Japan received a call telling her that her boyfriend was found dead in Thailand, after went missing since last Thursday.

I couldn't really digest the news at first, especially after reading her tweets every day since he went missing, when she was frantically searching for him.

I can't disclose the details as some of you might read on news and internet to protect their privacy, but it's sufficient to say the loss is unbearable. Especially to his family, and his girlfriend.

To her, I pray that God will give her the greatest strength one would ever acquire - she's already one very strong woman, I know. Putting myself in her shoes, just the thought of it making my throat dry with shaky and tears, I can't really imagine what she's going through.

What upsets me more is, so many speculations are being made about this case. There are forums popping up here and there; each telling their own 'prediction' about the story - I can't even begin just how mad I am reading them.

So I plead here, for whoever reading this, please stop doing all those speculations. Arwah's girlfriend is already suffering with the loss, the family has already gone through so much with the media circulating them for story - it doesn't help that there are forums saying unnecessary accusations about the case.

To this day, I still feel dark with sadness even though I barely knew her boyfriend. Just reading her last message to arwah made me broke into tears; she is the strongest person I knew for sure. I pray that he will rest in peace in Allah's berkat, may God receive his good deeds and justice will prevail.

To you, dear friend, I pray for all the happiness in the world. You deserve that. May God bless you, always.

I'm a big whiner. I know that fact was well established through this blog.


My iPhone crashed on me last weekend.

The phone, my sweet little phone, decided to die on me and never come to life again.

Downloaded this stupid app on Cydia (I SHOULD'VE listen to that voice in my head) and whoosh after that, it kept crashing and won't even turn on for more than 30 seconds. Tried restoring it, but to no avail - iTunes kept giving me the error code of "software being at risk of not repairable" something like that - and just like that, I cannot use the phone anymore.

Stupid, stupid bloody Cydia apps.

So I've lost all photos, songs, even contacts on that phone. I bought a new phone (not an iPhone, obviously - cannot put myself all those memories thing anymore) but I know nothing can beat my 3-year old iPhone 3G even how slow, annoying that phone is.

Gosh I miss my phone :(

Am a HTC user now, and you know what I hate the most about gadgets? Learning how to use one. It's been yearssss since I last bought a new phone, and I'm just so used to iPhone interface that using a new different type of phone is just a foreign concept to me! Took me daysss just to figure out how move the apps around, etc.

And you know what upset me the most?

I can no longer use Viber.

I wish the Android guys would just get off their asses and make the Viber for Android happen already.

And don't even get me started on Instagram.

Last picture posted on Instagram. Will be missing you, dear friend.

After a long longgg day (whoever thinks engineers goyang kaki every day seriously needs to get his/her brain scrutinized.) I came home to this.

Louis Vuitton Eden silk scarf. (source) Internet is cruel.

260 pound = 33,000 yen.

If only LV doesn't cost me my arm and leg. Combined.

Watched No Strings Attached recently, and LOVED it.

Been waiting for it to come out, and after what seems like forever waiting for the ever annoying Streamyx connection to finally completed the download, I spent the weekend drooling over..Natalie Portman.

I think I have a girl crush on her.

Watched Black Swan, and this part was a totally opposite of who she potrayed in Black Swan. If you're looking for a light chick-flick, this is it. Don't expect too much though, a lot of negative reviews regarding the plot were made but for me, it's just right for a chilling out movie.

I like everything about it, mostly because for once, I can see how the female lead is potrayed as the one who "breaks hearts". It's usually the guy who'd play the womanizer (though I can understand why, apparently nice guys are almost gone from this world. Not my statement.) so I was attached to this movie from the beginning.

It almost hit the spot when Emma (Natalie Portman) says she can't commit, for the reason of "being protective" and "two people aren't meant to be together".

Truth be told, I was familiar with the concept. Fear of losing? Yes. Fear of getting hopes up and ultimately vulnerable to the other person? Yes. Would rather be alone than having your heart broken? Yes. Being perfectly okay alone and not having any serious relationship? Yes.

And you just know when that right person came and all the walls came down. Yes, it feels exactly like that. So if you feel familiar with all of the above, get a weekend night off alone, get some chips and popcorn and Coke, change into your pajama, turn up the volume and this movie could be your down-memory-lane-trip movie.

Because for me, it was exactly that I could cry.

P/S : the lines are to die for, too. The most hilarious, I swear.
PP/S : Ashton Kutcher is bare-butted in this movie. Cover your eyes. Or not.

If there's one thing I don't mind splurging on, it'd be unique vintage things.

Be it bags, bracelets, rings, pencil box, anything that comes with history or even a bit of old scratch would get me. I can't remember since when, but I have a feeling the constant mentions of the word 'vintage' in Victoria Beckham's That Extra Half An Inch might have something to do with it. -__-

Excuse me, I was 19. Or maybe 20.

My friend donned her vintage bag the last time I saw her, and I couldn't take my eyes off it.

It's a Ferragamo bag, which she got from her grandmother - the bag was previously owned by her, so you can guess how many years it's been.

Granted, it's a Ferragamo so you know it can last forever because well, it's a Ferragamo (I should get some sort of Ferragamo Membership Loyalty Promotion Voucher psshh) but it's the whole story behind it that gets me.

The bag, we can easily buy at stores. But the bag that was previously taken care of, used and loved by our ancestors, and being passed down to us, well..that's a whole different thing.

And maybe it's just a tiny bit coincidence that I'm currently in love with Ferragamo.

...I haven't changed my yours truly part yet.

When I should've 3 months ago.

Oh God this is so..

Give me some time to do a new description. This is like, leaving the old life that I've known forever, and emerging into a new one.

Japan how I've missed you.

So do you know what occupied me for the last two very stressful weeks?

Attended daily operation meeting. (albeit reluctantlyy. Well, still I attended.) Attended department meeting(s). Looked for microscopes, which is probably the highlight of my week because IT'S BEEN SERIOUSLY SO LONGG SINCE I'VE USED ONE! Hello old friend :') Actually used a microscope with my own hands without supervision whatsoever (and other tools, too. Forgot what they're called, but man science stuffs are heavy.) Asked for things to do around the office, this was before I got busy because my boss just gave me this research project to do.

Whiny much? Hehe.

So when I realize Yana, my batchmate's wedding was during weekends, I was more than happy to go through 3-hour journey of Penang-KL to go to her wedding.

Definitely wasn't a waste of petrol, I tell you.

 The canopy that comes with chandeliers. I LOVE.

It was good, seeing old friends. Can't believe we're a bunch of working/married girls already. *wipes tears*

 Sarah Munir, who ditched her AzuraAzwa headband when I needed them the most. Pfft.

 Fatunk, the partner in crime from Penang.


The decor was beautiful. It was one of the weddings that reminded me of simplicity in luxury.

 Live streaming of sanding.

Wore a Sarawak kebaya (supposedly) with a gold pario. Not really my thing, the parios. Oh well.

Some other pictures from friends' camera :

And a whole lot more, it'd be impossible to include them all in one post.

But it's only sufficient to know, I had fun :) Good company, good food, good breezy night air..God I really need to go get a life.


my brain dump.