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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

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yana's wedding.

So do you know what occupied me for the last two very stressful weeks?

Attended daily operation meeting. (albeit reluctantlyy. Well, still I attended.) Attended department meeting(s). Looked for microscopes, which is probably the highlight of my week because IT'S BEEN SERIOUSLY SO LONGG SINCE I'VE USED ONE! Hello old friend :') Actually used a microscope with my own hands without supervision whatsoever (and other tools, too. Forgot what they're called, but man science stuffs are heavy.) Asked for things to do around the office, this was before I got busy because my boss just gave me this research project to do.

Whiny much? Hehe.

So when I realize Yana, my batchmate's wedding was during weekends, I was more than happy to go through 3-hour journey of Penang-KL to go to her wedding.

Definitely wasn't a waste of petrol, I tell you.

 The canopy that comes with chandeliers. I LOVE.

It was good, seeing old friends. Can't believe we're a bunch of working/married girls already. *wipes tears*

 Sarah Munir, who ditched her AzuraAzwa headband when I needed them the most. Pfft.

 Fatunk, the partner in crime from Penang.


The decor was beautiful. It was one of the weddings that reminded me of simplicity in luxury.

 Live streaming of sanding.

Wore a Sarawak kebaya (supposedly) with a gold pario. Not really my thing, the parios. Oh well.

Some other pictures from friends' camera :

And a whole lot more, it'd be impossible to include them all in one post.

But it's only sufficient to know, I had fun :) Good company, good food, good breezy night air..God I really need to go get a life.


  1. Hello dear..
    Partner in crime ya??hehe.. I enjoyed the time we spend together last weekend.nnnt g jenjalan lg k.Take care k..big hug=) jgn stress2 keje..

  2. @my only closet : KAN?!! So jealous. But it's good for inspiration haha.

    @fatunk : Me tooooo! Nanti kita plan lagi k :) Thanks fatunk *hugs*

    @zanna : Don't be. We'll have another 100 to attend in the list, for sure. Haha.

  3. HAHA baru sedar this post ? And I notice that most of the pictures have me in it, ouch ! Terharu !

    I miss you Oren, hope we can meet before I go far far awayyyyyy :(


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