it was someone's birthday :)

OK after all these years, I thought I'd spare you the cheesiness and just get straight to the point already.

It was his 24th birthday yesterday, and he came here for like 5 seconds just to celebrate it with me. Yeah yeah so sweet and all..but apparently to him, it's just another day.

Me : (clock struck 12) HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAYANG!!! (singing happy birthday song)
        Him : Oh it's my birthday already? Didn't realize.

Yeah right.

His parents are coming to Japan today, and he only got one day to spend with me before going off to Tokyo to meet his family. I've actually planned all this fabulous spa and treatment and cake celebrations at our favorite restaurant in my head, but since we've got only one day to spend, the birthday boy only wants to spend it as humanly humble as possible.

Going to town with me.

So yeah, on his birthday we just walked around town and malls and watched movie together. Which is, personally, my most favorite thing in the world, too.

Puked already? Hehe.

Had dinner at Teratai, an Indonesian restaurant in Hiroshima for like the millionth time, so this place is officially in our favorite restaurants list. The food is superb (considering we both have a thing for sambal)

 The birthday boy :) Not so boy anymore.

 Nasi Goreng Special (it still amazes me how I can order this dish over and over again no matter how many times we've been here..)

Ayam Bakar with Sambal

 Ikan Masam Manis (I think)

The price is much cheaper than any other Indonesian restaurant we've been to, and the owner of the restaurant is very nice. He looked real down to earth and even came to our table a few times! The last time we were here, the service was quite bad (they took so longgg to cook our dish, I think we waited for an hour) but this time it's really different. Kudos to the new owner, I think.

But yes, the main event is of course, the cake.


Now he's off to Tokyo to meet his parents, and I've just spent the whole day watching movies and eating ice cream.

Being a potato once in a while actually doesn't hurt.


  1. weyh kedai ni kt ne? oishisouuuu. kouhai aku nk g jln2 hiroshima nanti. nk gtau die lah

  2. @ckyn : dekat shinai, sng je nak cari. sila sila promote ;) sedap, seriously!

    @anon : on behalf of him, thanks! hehe :)



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