soubetsukai 2011.

We had our Soubetsukai (farewell party) today!

Honestly, these 4 years actually feels shorter. I didn't realize it's our turn to be the ones being celebrated today, as I've always been the one doing the running-the-event thing for as long as I can remember.

It feels sad, actually. Despite the happiness of leaving the classes-and-lecturers years behind, I'm sorry that I actually have to leave Hiroshima and Japan for good.

Let's not go there now.

As usual, the routine : speeches, souvenir-giving, tons of food, and the ultimate favorite part - PICTURES!

 Food! (Sorry got distracted with other yummy food i.e nasi minyak, nasi ayam, ayam goreng rempah, kari daging etc so no picture of them. Lol.)

Speeches from Persatuan Malaysia Hiroshima's current President and a Professor from Malaysia.

I can't believe I was PMH's Vice President for last year. How crazy.

 Camwhore is a must, even while eating.

 Batch of 2007-2011 :) I'm gonna miss them.
 It's been 4 years! :)
 The people I'm gonna miss the most.

To the juniors, thank you for the memorable day. I'm so proud of every single of you, you guys did a great job!
I feel so old..sigh.

Anyway, I finally found the perfect way to wear my Juicy Couture necklace the boyfriend gave me.

Wore it as a bracelet before, but had to wrap it too tight so decided to find another way to wrap it. Nailed it!

(pictures courtesy of Wawa, Basha and my camera)


  1. oooo yg ni ker zatil aqmar tuu..

  2. ridunya!! kurung makes u so gorgeous honey! :x

  3. @diloz : hari-hari jumpa sue. will kirim salam ok? :)

    @anon : uhh..what? :/

    @yati : yati rinduuuuu! :( thanks so much hun :X

    @sri : thanks, you're too kind :)



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