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i don't need tweezers anymore.

I used to be one of those girls who pay a little too 'much' attention to appearance. I know a girl ought to take care of her appearance; whether or not it's necessary or simply because everyone else is doing it.

But the one thing I regret the most is plucking/shaping my eyebrows.

This is a sensitive issue as it related to religion and beliefs, so I hope you won't read that much into what I'm trying to say, cause this is only my opinion.

All I remember was the curiousity to do the 'in' thing; everybody seems to have their eyebrows perfectly arched and shaped. Besides, having your eyebrows shaped actually look very neat. I thought they were so pretty; just like the celebrities we saw in TV. And I thought, how I'd look like once I shaped my eyebrows. I must be like them too, looking all glamorous and groomed and neat.

Truth be told, that feeling lasted maybe..a minute. The first time I had it plucked was during a heavy make-up - so under all that makeup, the shaped eyebrows looked pretty. Perfectly arched, balanced. But despite all that, I felt like I lost the original look of 'me', because changing the shape of your eyebrows really change your face.

Refusing to accept defeat too soon, I decided to embrace the new look. Yes, some people complimented that I looked better - I think maybe that's why girls tend to pluck their eyebrows over and over again, cause once you did it, you're addicted to it. Trust me! Having them outgrow their shape would seem ugly, so you would pluck and pluck so that the eyebrows would stay their perfect shape. I was one of those girls.

But I admit, everytime I had them shaped/plucked, I can feel remorse in me growing even deeper. I felt like kneeling before God, 'please forgive me for this, I know I shouldn't, I know I shouldn't' as if this is the biggest sin I've done. My boyfriend didn't say anything, but after nearly 5 years being together, I know him so well that I could feel his disapproval in a single look, he didn't have to say anything.

I didn't realize when I decided to stop plucking my eyebrows. All I know is suddenly I don't feel like it's necessary anymore. I don't see the beauty in shaped eyebrows anymore, to be honest. Suddenly I see a lot of Muslim women in beautiful hijab, beautiful skin, such gorgeous eyes - and shaped eyebrows, and I was thinking, how come?

Audrey Hepburn's perfect eyebrows - one of the reasons why I love bold brows even more.
It's been months since I last shaped my eyebrows, and I've never felt happier. Or more neat, actually. Plucking your eyebrows doesn't mean it makes them more neat, or groomed, because I read somewhere that it's okay to get rid of unnecessary facial hair (especially those around the eyebrows and between the left eyebrow and the right one), so you can still get rid of them without plucking/shaping your eyebrows.

Embrace your natural look. God gives the best for us, only He knows what most suited us, so why do we want to go and change something that's already perfect for Him? I know that feeling of wanting to try something new, something that maybe would make us prettier, but trust me - that remorse feeling is bigger. It's there, whether you realize it or not.

A little tip to keep your natural eyebrows in shape :
  • Always comb them using eyebrows brush - it makes a difference, trust me. I always comb them upwards and outwards to ensure them in place.
  • Instead of plucking them to shape, use eyebrow liner to create the arch/longer look. But this might not be applicable to those with fuller eyebrows.
  • If you don't have the eyebrow brush, don't throw your mascara away after you've finished it. Take the mascara brush, wash and dry it - some say it's even better than an eyebrow brush!

I don't need my tweezers anymore, and I'm glad.

P/S : ShaElaiza wrote an interesting and informative post about this, so do read them.


  1. beauty is at its best when everything is natural :)

    p/s: i'm gonna tell u again that u look nicer/prettier with that style of hijab :)

  2. Alhamdulillah :)
    Once i really hated my eyebrows but now i can feel the beauty in me.
    Dulu masa sekolah selalu kena ejek sbb kening tebal.
    Heheheh tp skg org puji je.

  3. @soleil_m : totally agree. am trying to go natural in everywhere applicable, now. insyaAllah :) thank you babe :))

    @kak sha : tu lah kan, we just didn't see it before..alhamdulillah we do now. yes your eyebrows are one of your attractive parts on your face, I really like them actually! :)

    @anon : Alhamdulillah, amin :)


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