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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


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meeting with the JPA officer.

This week has been tough for me, just as last week had been a vacation. My FYP is starting to take its toll on me; and I'm blaming it all on my lecturer who decided to go to Tokyo when I needed him the most. Hmph.

I was supposed to give my monthly presentation last Friday, but for some reason it's being postponed to this Monday. Thank God. But waiting for tomorrow is NOT FUN.

On another note, we had a meeting with JPA officer yesterday as she's coming here all the way from Tokyo to have a heart-to-heart talk with Malaysian students in Hiroshima. We've never met any of the JPA officers from embassy since..forever, so we didn't know what to expect from this meeting.

But the meeting was OK :) The officer, Puan Siti Zaharah is way cooler than I thought she is. IT'S TRUE!

She even paid for the dinner afterwards. Or maybe the embassy did.

All in all, we discussed about our results and the difficulties we have in classes. Most of her questions were targeted to the juniors cause they're supposed to obtain enough credits in order to go to the final year, so we the final years weren't questioned at all. We were only asked about whether we've gotten job offers and stuffs. I think I even dozed off for a while.

This meeting was bersejarah too, cause it was the first time a Malaysian student from Kure joined us! (the one on the right) I knew him first on Twitter, and he didn't know any Malaysian here at that time. Which is a fault on my end too cause I was supposed to introduce him to the people here. Sighs..sorry :( But better late than never right? :) Welcome to Saijo, Amirul!

We've been exchanging messages and tweets several times, but this is the first time we met, so it was kinda weird. Haha. But it was great that he managed to meet us all, finally. Come again okay :)

We had our dinner at Ganesh, the first halal Indian restaurant here in Saijo. The service is top-notch, the food was great, most of us ordered the huge cheese nan set with a tandoori chicken and we didn't managed to even finish it! Thank goodness for takeaway.

Us with Puan Siti Zaharah
At the hotel

She's heading to Okayama today. GOOD LUCK YOU GUYS! HAHA.


  1. wow..roti nan at japan... kamek kat japan salu makan kebab dipolah oleh muslim turkey... huhuuhh... kebab rm15... mahal!

  2. yup, klu org turkey byk jual kebab kan dekat sini. but ade jgk yg murah. jumpe kedai kebab murah dekat shinjuku :)

  3. woooo zatil makin kurus!! err dulu pon kurus gak tp cam pipi makin kurang tembam jikken nih
    tudung ijau nih pon lawa laaaaaa

    bole ke zatil post psl care2 zatil pkai tudung nih?sbb nampak kemas ikatan kat leher tuh *kalo wat video lg bgs =P *

  4. awww haha thank youu! *blushed* :) (padahal takdelah kurus sgt pun..hehe)

    tulah kalau nak kurus, go busy. makan pun tak tentu :(

    haha tudung tu main ikat je dekat leher, better shawl yg jenis tak panjang sangat and tak pendek sangat so boleh ikat balance sikit :) haha video?? im so wayy behind nak buat video la hehe seriously :")

    but for reference, try watch vela's style video -

    quite simple, and applicable to all shawls :)


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