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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


being a mommy
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not so tech-savvy.

Current obsession : HTC Desire and Blackberry

That's right, the most boring person when it comes to gadgets and phones is now ready to explore the world of smartphones. HAHA.

HTC Desire (Softbank)
 Blackberry Bold 9700

I've been pestering my friends and boyfriend about changing my phone - my nearly 3-year old iPhone 3G is starting to give up on me. Playing games especially Bejeweled is a torture, I've stopped installing new games in my phone because I know they are useless.

Found a good bargain on a Japanese-based website courtesy of my friend (who's really tech-savvy when it comes to these things) and am now torn between HTC Desire or Blackberry.

 My tech-savvy friend : Maybe you should wait for HTC Desire HD, it's gonna be out soon..
Me : What's the difference?
My tech-savvy friend : ??????!!!!!!! 


Am still considering, my boyfriend is all "get the HTC alreadyyyy" but he said it's also better to wait till I go back to Malaysia cause there are more choices compared to here (unlike what people always thought). Japan is great at gadgets but the carrier contracts and the sim locking and unlocking things are soo annoyingg.

Anyway, just wanna share with you the best chocolate in the universe -

OMG been munching this day and night! I should give up on rice and buy that shiny treadmill like right now.


  1. akirameta on iphone?
    yeah, u should wait for Desire HD.

  2. hahah :D i know i shouldnt have asked you tech-savvy people..

  3. omg comment salah tempat. :( malunya..

  4. hahahah! its no big deal dont worry ;) but yeah those pics really crack me up everytime :D


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