friday night out.

Last night I decided to take one of the huge steps in my life; braving myself to swallow one tiny roll of sushi.

My friends texted me saying they're going for sushi and asked if I want to join, which is weird cause usually they'd give up asking me knowing how I would throw up and just order cakes at a sushi place. Seriously, people usually have like 10 small plates of sushi, while I have 5 plates of cakes and fruits. Hehe.

So off we went.
 Some fresh ebi with onions, obviously not mine.
 Fried ebi with mayonnaise (YAY)
 Salmon, this is surprisingly good!

To my surprise, it wasn't so bad! I only had those fried and fully cooked ebi and salmon; but I'm still wayy behind those guys.

 Their plates and mine - look at how big difference they make! Pfft.

My junior's. Even first-year students can eat sushi way better than me.

After that, we decided to drop by this game arcade near the sushi place since, well, we're all young and wanted to have a great Friday night out. I've not been there for quite a long time, since I developed this allergic to bowling (it's in the same place) and thank God they didn't want to play bowling!

So these became our playground last night :

My favorite of all :) Cause I won big time! HAHA.

We didn't take that many pictures cause we were all busy, em, playing games. Though I lost most of the time but we laughed so hard it felt so good :)

Then, of course, purikura time. Had to force Basha to join though cause he's very shy like that.

Can you see just how awkward this is for Basha...HAHAHA Godd I laughed so hard when we saw the pictures. Am still rolling on the floor laughing.

All in all, a very fun night out :) I just realized I've been posting a lot of food pictures lately, maybe I should make a 'food' label after this. Hmm.


  1. nyaman! but if kat japan, kamek just suka makan tempura ajak...sushi jarang!! tempura nang nyaman sinun!

  2. Tahniah, ktk dah berjaya mecah rekod ktk mpun.



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