weekend getaway.

I just got off the phone with my mum, she told me my brother had a minor accident with his motorcycle.


He's so lucky I'm not around to kick his butt and crash the bike. Grrr. Oh yeah after got off the phone I spammed his Facebook wall about the accident. There's no way my little brother would get on a bike after this.

Poor him, having 3 older sisters to spam his wall whenever something happens. Hehe.

On another note, I had an awesome weekend last week :) Went to Fukuoka after months of not seeing him; I knew we'd be so busy after this what with the mid term presentation coming up and his lab projects, we'll hardly have time to spend together at least until we're done with the presentation. So we both made time to see each other even if it means I have to spend my Saturday at a futsal match.

See, anything for you. Pfft.

On Sunday we went to Canal City (seriously, nice place, nice decor and nice views) and headed straight to Zara. And I came out of the store with absolutely nothing. Yes, I consider this as an achievement.

Was proudly gloating about my so-called achievement the whole way when we passed this Guess watch store and saw this..

Guess Ladies Jewelry Autograph Watch.
OMG, the most elegant watch I've ever seen. I'm in love with everything about it - the steel case, the shimmering crystals across the face..I fell in love with it in an instant. I'm usually so not a watch person; why a person would spend big bucks on a watch is beyond me. I mean, it's just a watch. That's why I feel sorry for men - they can only show off car/watch/wallet when we girls have so many things we can invest in - like bags. Hehe. Not saying that we should, though.

All my life I only have eyes for Fossil watches because I like simplicity - and Fossil watches pretty much represent everything I want - the vintage look, simple yet sophisticated. I remember my first ever expensive watch is ELLE's, which I bought during a shopping trip we girls have in Form 4; and that was it. Used it for good 2 years, I think.

My last Fossil watch was broken, tried sending it to the store but the only solution is to buy a new one - doesn't surprised me though cause I've used it for 4 years. So this Guess watch came at the right time.

Me : I really should get this watch, can't be found anywhere in Hiroshima, plus I didn't even buy anything from Zara..so this is like a reward for me..my old watch is broken already..
Him : Get the watch, you don't have to justify yourself to me.

Pfft. I truly do not know if it's sarcastic or romantic.

I can safely say I'm over with Guess bags, but the watches are really pretty..you should've seen the whole store.

Went to this ice cream store - Cold Stone, which is pretty big here. We've been coming here since forever; nothing like the ice creams they make, seriously!! They have this unique style of mix matching the ice cream flavors, and they sing while making the ice creams. SERIOUSLY. Customer service top-notch.

Went to this Indian restaurant for dinner and off to the bus station. Hakata Station is officially my favorite and least favorite place all at the same time.

 "It's all about Mohawk, baby."

Got home, found out that my 19-inch monitor decided to betray me, after all these years. IT JUST WON'T TURN ON!! Tried unplugging and plugging the cables, changed the power supply, still no use.

Since I can't go one day without internet, a few hours later I got a new freaking 23-inch LCD monitor. HAHAHA PADAN MUKA KAU BANK ACCOUNT.

Now, if you saw me lurking around the street with just my clothes and bags, please don't call security.


  1. kane mochi danee!!! urayamashiiii~~ isk isk.ko suke sgt letak barang2 yg tempting giloss dlm blog ni.i hate u!!! =p

  2. tak kane mochi langsung, seriously. so kalau aku homeless nanti aku tumpang rumah kau ok?? hahaha ;)

  3. haha boleh2.jd orang gaji lipat baju.sila datang! kehkehkeh

  4. hey!! u make me feel like jumping jumping!! imma biggest fan of GUESS watch, been using the brand for the past few years, as for me, GUESS will always satisfy me! U've made the correct choice darl! :)

  5. lyda, i think you should see the store..so many choices!! yea guess got so many fabulous line right? i especially love their watches and jeans :) i think many of us girls grew up with guess. haha.

  6. i wish i have a chance to go there! :) totally agree with you, the first branded stuffs when we grew up was GUESS. Jeans and watches absolutely but NOT handbags nowadays. Poor design and worse, very easy to find the imitations! Duh! Like keluar jln, makcik indon kat sbelah pon pakai guess. haha.

  7. Halal ke cold stone ice creme tu~~~



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