iphone dilemma.

Am actually thinking of getting the iPhone 4.

I didn't like it at first, I'm really getting bored with my iPhone so getting a new one might be a bad idea. But BlackBerry doesn't have all the addictive apps plus I'm just so used to having my phone as my iPod at the same time. Can't live without it!

The power of iPhone 4 camera.

My nearly 3 year-old iPhone 3G is not as much of use right now; using it every day now is such a pain. Pfft. Sometimes I think it belongs to the drain outside my window.

I wish Apple would give us a new usable upgraded software for old iPhones.

And this iPhone 4 is just so..tempting. Having your boyfriend parading it every single day isn't helping, either.

Should I or shouldn't I? :/


  1. if its something you really want you should get it! I know I would if I could.

  2. i know i should! am torn between iphone 4 and htc and blackberry now though..sigh, i need someone to make this decision for me. lol.

    thanks for visiting :)


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