plant design #2.

Like I said in my previous post, my plant design project is now done.

Now that it's over, we're now back to our previous routine - no more discussions, presentations, meetings whatsover. I can't believe I'm saying this, but now I realize I miss every single person in my group. We worked so hard these last few months, we met daily discussing each others' progress, asking each others' opinion, staying up till midnight to complete the slides for the presentation, worrying about not only ours but also others' project and so on.

They might not be my best friends, but they definitely a joy group I'm so glad I'm part of it. My senior cried right after our presentation, because she said we did better than the other groups and it's kinda sad to think we won't have the opportunity to meet each other every day anymore.

This morning one of my seniors sent me the pictures we took after the presentation, and I can't help feeling a bit blue. Now that it's over, as much as I'm relieved that I won't have to worry about the project anymore, deep inside I wish we could meet again casually and talk and discuss things. Funny, these were the things I dreaded the most before.

Definitely one of the things I'd remember the most in my uni life.


  1. i dunno why but u remind me of kinkybluefairy at some point..

  2. seriously, i dont see it -_- but my friend pointed it out, ONCE, so i guess some people can see some just dont(like me) hehe. nway, thanks :) i think she's awesome.



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