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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


being a mommy
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bow tie.

I have a boyfriend, and he wears bow tie.

He almost gave me a heart attack before when he showed me the pictures of him wearing a baju batik to a function (OMG trying really hard to erase the memory of it) and now, a bow tie.

I don't know. I like it because it's all old school and stuff, and I know he's proud of his school (the bow tie is MCKK's, btw) but it IS kind of a big thing for me, he's never worn one before. If you know him you'd know it suits his personality; he's a really old school person. His idea of a perfect shoes is the one from Adidas Originals.

So far I'm loving it :)

And thank God bow tie goes with weddings.


  1. OMG!!! So this is where u've been "hiding" Ahmad Shahrul Rezuan Johari hehe...such a small world for bloggers...atleast i know my bro is a romantic freak hehe...

    Nway,when we will be able to meet ms Zatil ya?! Opps sorry darl, coz i'm writing in ur comment box without asking for permission first...

    Cheers, Kak Ella

  2. Hello Kak Ella!!

    Yea he is a romantic freak haha, but a very discreet one too :) He told me all about everyone, esp his nieces + nephews..would love to meet everyone too! hehe i'll direct the question to him, insyaAllah we'll all meet then (when he's ready) hehehe.

    No worries, thank you so much Kak Ella for visiting this blog :)

  3. Yup, we Pisces are romantic freaks!!! Si mamat tu discreet, nope haha, pics everywhere haha....nway, i can guarantee u that all Hj Johari's guys are gentlemen clan ... so no worries!

    Opps btw make sure my bro "is ready" (i know he will comment later hehe..) and be prepared with the rest of the clans too.. "wink..wink" :-)

    Tkcr & all the best with ur studies dear...

    Cheers, Kak Ella

  4. Haha glad to hear that! yea this one here is a true gentleman :)

    I know, but I think I'm the one who needs to "be ready" more hehehe...he told me a lot about everyone, so I think it kinda helps :) insyaAllah!

    Thank youu Kak Ella :)


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