movies and the zara bag.

I watched Sex And The City 2 and Iron Man 2 last few days, as part of my whole I-need-to-take-a-break thing I started on Friday. 

Sex And The City 2 : mindblowing-ly creative. I honestly did not see a movie like SATC would actually feature the Middle East/Arabian culture background in the movie. (yes, they even had azan, people)

At first, I really didn't know what to say. I was half-shocked, half-relieved that they didn't go too far during the scene with the Muslim women with veils and azan, at least Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte were respectful and they didn't insult anyone or anything. (Samantha, on the other hand, was being just Samantha so nothing so surprising there)

But the one thing that caught my eye - is how gorgeous, graceful kaftans the girls wore at the exotic country. I am literally lusting after the kaftans! They are so incredibly colorful, the silk are gorgeous, the design are simply elegant...sigh, I don't think I've ever loved baju kelawar-like dress like this before.

All from Colin Heaney.

I swear, if Malaysian kaftans are made of silk, or georgette like these, I'd definitely get them and wear them in public. I mean, the batik design is already so pretty but if only they work a little bit more on the material..and the embellishment..sighh. It doesn't hurt to put some blings on a piece of kaftan, does it?

Am googling 'kaftan' at Rakuten right now. Epic fail - Japanese don't wear kaftans, apparently :(

So if you haven't watch it yet, go watch it!

And finally, Iron Man 2 - I love Robert Downey Jr, I love superheroes, I love guy in a metal basically I love this movie.

I don't know how to describe superheroes movies, so this basically sums it up. Hehe.

Anyway, this is the bag I wore in the picture.

The Zara bag.

When it comes to bags, there are too many design and style and come with different price range, so it's hard for me to choose a good, nice bag that is also a winner in the quality category. But with Zara, even though it's not a luxury brand like Gucci etc but the thing with Zara is, they're releasing new items every other minute and quality is still their top priority. They really listen to their customers so every design that doesn't sell well at their store, they change it with better ones so you can find a lot of Zara bags online with a large range of design and price.

Zara bags really stand out compared to others, so if you want a nice, luxury-looking bag but don't want to spend thousands on high-end brands, Zara is the place for you to shop. I love how their bags are so elegant and comes with a price tag that doesn't make you hate yourself for buying it.

This bag is my favorite at the moment :)



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