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what's in my bag/purse.

I was watching videos on Youtube on how to wear hijabs (yes I'm still learning..I get bored of my hijab style way too often) and came across this lovely girl who did a video on 'what's on my bag/purse' and got inspired :)

Obviously I won't do a video on that, since talking to a video camera is an alien concept to me, I'd blog about it instead. I LOVE BEING A BLOGGER for exactly these type of things!

So what's in my bag/purse?

My Prada purse - the first Prada I've ever gotten. Been using it for over a year, and it still looks new!

Perfume - Chance by Chanel. Cannot live without it. Thank God the bottle is just nice to fit into my bag. The smell is fantastic; whenever I go to beauty supplies booth at Sogo here the salesgirls would ask what perfume I use. 
Phone - OF COURSE! My loved ones and my music is in there..I don't know what I'd do if I ever leave it somewhere. I'd cry. 

Makeup - Maybelline mascara, Chanel lipstick, MAC lipstick(nude), Dior lip gloss, Vaseline lip therapy tube, KATE eye shadow stick, Revlon eyebrow liner, NYX eyeliner, Revlon face powder, Chanel travel makeup palette, Chanel foundation. Darn now I know I'm a Chanel freak :/ I bought the Dior lip gloss like 2 years ago and still haven't finished it! The lip gloss is great; just that I'm not a lip gloss person. I hate the sticky feeling.

Miscellaneous - Eyedrops, keys (loving the heels chain! a gift from a friend, she bought it at Harrods during one of her trips to UK..damn lucky girl *sniffs*), brooches, scrunchies (do we still use the word nowadays?? I feel like a high school girl..grownups still use the word scrunchies, eh? :/), earphone - seem ordinary but MOST essential to me. Especially earphone as when I'm stuck in a bus or waiting for a bus/train to come I really need music because I hate waiting. Such a waste of time. Eyedrops are essential for every human being who wear contacts, I must say. When your contacts are not in place, or your eyes are always watery making it hard for the contacts to stay still, or when your eyes are too dry - your day is ruined. 

Extra brooches in case I need them to put my tudung in place, and scrunchies help keep my hair neat. Especially when you have long hair, keeping your hair neat in a tudung is not easy.

Things in my purse - student card, Alien card(please excuse that hideous picture of me), health insurance card, bank cards, credit cards, phone's SIM card, a passport picture in case I went missing and someone found my purse, and dozens of point cards. One thing about Japan is, you'd get a point card for every single thing you buy - EVEN a takoyaki, or a crepe. It's a good thing because I buy crepes almost every other day(or days when I get too tired to cook) and when the point card is full, you get prizes such as two free crepes and more..bad thing is, you tend to use the point card way too frequent and you have no space left in your purse for all those useless point cards.

I'm glad I'm doing this, because now I can throw away all the useless point cards and receipts in my purse I never realize I have. *cough*impulse purchase*cough*

I'm tagging you, whoever you are, feel free to do the 'what's in your bag?' tag :) And you can link back to me, so I can read yours :)


  1. carpet umh zatil cam ak punyer la..
    byknya alat mekap...mende2 tuh mmg sentiasa ade kat bag atau pon kuarkan blk?ke mmg ade khas utk tgl kat bag n kat umah?sbb byk n cam leceh plak nak kuar msukkan

  2. haha yeke? lovee the carpet, lembut gile :)
    ooh most of them mmg ade dlm bag, letak dlm betseyville punye white pouch tu :) senang nak klua/masukkan, sbb i always use them esp eyeliner. so amik pouch tu je bile nak tuka. seriously, saves you a lot of hassle :)

  3. ade kad karaoke!! zatil karaoke gak ke??


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