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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


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i need a positive vibe.

This post is not good for your self-motivation. Skip if you must.

As of right now, I'm sitting on my chair, looking at my monitor with my chin on the desk.

I am so bloody tired. Exhausted. And it's been days since I last had a proper meal.

Being a final year student is NOT fun.

I had a very long day. Woke up, took shower, got dressed, went to lab, went to library to cope with my project's research as sensei has been asking for my progress report for days now, went to see my senior to ask him about my project design, had lunch for like 20 minutes, had a longggg class from 1-5 pm (seriously, I don't see any point having all these overdue overestimated lectures from people working in companies to give us a talk about how it's like working at their company when none of us is listening), had a seminar (it's called ゼミ, it's this lecture or discussion each lab has every week for progress report and thesis translation).

Which, in my opinion, means absolutely nothing.

You have to translate English thesis given to you by sensei into Japanese and read it to the rest in front of the class, sort of giving a lecture/explanation on what the thesis is about. It makes no sense. I think this is why they have very bad reputation when it comes to speaking/writing in English. You're supposed to talk and understand in English when you want to learn the language, not translating it all back.

Sigh. Be positive, Atil. BE FREAKING POSITIVE.

I should be, because sensei excluded me from having to do all that, because apparently "you're a foreign student so you should understand the thesis without having to translate it back to Japanese". Thank God. So during seminar I'd usually pick the most convenient seat in the class and catch up with my nap.

And I have to go to this second job interview next month at Tokyo, which I have absolutely no time to think about or prepare. Big selling point : Besides chemical basics I also took mechanical engineering-related classes as we're supposed to learn about the whole process in engineering too, so I can be in both field!! Anyone needs Quality Control engineer, chemical engineer or Development engineer, give me a call :)

So wish me luck!!

That is, if I can actually find some time to practice "Hi, my name is bla bla and my major is bla bla and I have very good communication in bla bla..". I really need the luck.


  1. zemi thing is soo true...

  2. you must be a student here in japan too to agree with me. HAHA.

  3. atil dpt 2nd interview dr kaisha mane? xnk duk ngan aku kt penang la tu kan haha *kidding*

  4. panasonic. haha taktau lg, br 2nd interview :) takpe dont worry dah confirm nnt aku bgtau k! :D


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