blogpress in action.

I'm sitting at home, still trying to figure out how this internet thing at my apartment works.
Everytime I open Mozilla Firefox/Internet Explorer, the "server not found" thing pops up. And when I checked the internet, it's still connected.

STUPID cheap internet provider!!!

I've been putting off blogging for a few days for the sake of nice pictures, since all the pictures are with him, and my phone's pictures are not, well, as pretty as digicam's. And since last night my hands have been itching to write at least ONE post on this blog, so I decided to try this Blogpress app on my phone.

I doubt that it's the same as Blogger in terms of the quality of font and everything..but this would work for now. I think. I PRAY TO YOU, GOD.

Anyway, I went to Tokyo last week. It was marvellous fun!! I strolled along Shinjuku's street by myself, went inside Zara 3 times, spent half the day at Takashimaya, and 3 hours at Kinokuniya..what more can be the best day than this :) Though poor Bridgestone having to pay him double the price of both our tickets. Haha.

He had a kengaku at Bridgestone's office in Tokyo, the main reason of our trip. While he had the visit to their factory and main office bla bla bla, I had a quality time by myself at one of the busiest city/shopping heaven in Japan. Though it was scary at first since I'm not this Tokyo city girl, I survived! Haha. But the main point is, I'm more proud of him as ever. He went around looking for companies to apply all by himself, asking his lecturer, going to dai back and forth and filling the forms and all..and he got to the Bridgestone kengaku stage, all by himself. I'm so proud of him, also because he managed to get to final year at one of the finest universities in Japan. He always said he was worried about his result and all, but I always knew he can make it.

So here it is, sayang. Congrats on being a kenkyuusei now, I am so proud of you!! :) Just remember to mention me in one of your resumes..hehe.

And thanks for being the weirdest boyfriend ever :

He took me to have dinner at this Asian restaurant with beryanis and belly dancing.
On my birthday.
I'm kidding, he didn't know there's belly dancing.

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  1. mcm mana bleh ada belly dancer tbe2....pelik2

  2. Haha ade indian/pakistan restaurant kat shinai.belly dancing every sat&sun night ;)



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