first day at the new house.

I woke up today at the sound of lorries promoting "we'll take your junk for a couple bucks only" with the loudest microphone I've ever heard. Not a very good start, I must say.

But that's the only downside of this apartment. I LOVE MY NEW HOME :) :)

It definitely worth the bargain, though the rent every month is slightly higher than my old apartment but considering it's just in front of the uni and very convenient, I don't have a problem. 

The whole process of moving to a new house, however, is bloody tiring. Especially when the house we've lived in for the past 2 years was full of junk left by the senpais when they were going back to Malaysia; it has become some sort of kakomon-old furniture-huge bigass boxes storage place instead of a house to live in. 
I think it's part of the reason why I wanted to move out. I just couldn't live like that.

So please, when you become the senpai, when you're going back to Malaysia, please be considerate if you want to leave things for the kohais. Kakomon and electrical goods that still can be used are fine; but don't leave junk to them. It's not nice. You won't believe how many things we(my ex-housemate and I) found around the house, things that don't even belong to us. And don't even get me started on the garbage.

I should've started the whole packing process way earlier...pfft. Lesson learned.

Special thanks to Nazu and Mad for the help. We will belanja you guys don't worry :D

On another note, things I just realized throughout the whole moving out process :
  • I own 34 pairs of shoes; 14 of which I rarely used, 5 worn only once, 1 never wore. It's a massive impulse purchase lesson, seriously. And the one pair I never wore is the bowling shoes. Figured.
  • I have 3 big boxes of old clothes that I want to give away but don't know how. HELP!!! It's taking so much space :(
  • Dealing with real estate agent is tiring.
  • I think having to pay to get rid of TV, racks, kitchen furniture etc is crazy. Yes, that's Japan. You have to pay good money if you want to get rid of things. 
  • Living alone is easier.
  • If you're good at the whole talking-bargaining-negotiating thing, you're born to live here. 
  • Start packing 2 months earlier. 
  • Having very kind-hearted, extremely helpful kohais is such a blessing.
I wanted to put the pictures of my new house, but haven't completely finished the unpacking yet. Will do, soon.


  1. cant wait to see your new home~ huhu
    btw, 34 pairs of shoes?!!! phewww gile laaaaa.....salute same ko! byk nyeee..well, ko mmg suke kasut right? heels especialy? haha! 3 boxes of old clothes kalu bole pkai lagi and u dont wanna use it anymore, i suggest u jual online...ade la jugak income..$$$$~ then, bole shopping kasut lagi..wahaha!

  2. alia!!!hahah tak perasan pun,bile dah kire2 + org tegur baru perasan.seriously.nyesal gile.patut gune duit tu beli bag.
    suke but compared to bags id rather spend on tulah.

    kannnn nak jual tapi nak buat 1 lagi blog tu la malas hahaha!insyaAllah klu ade org nak beli ;)

  3. update plss!! =D



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