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deskmates reunited.

A friend of mine from New Zealand came here so I took some time to bring her around. It wasn't all successful though; Hiroshima doesn't have that many interesting places to go so we just spent one day here and went to Kyushu for another 2 days.

I didn't see her at all from the moment we left school, so I was wee excited when I knew she was coming here to meet her boyfriend who happens to be a guy I know from AAJ :) I can't believe we haven't seen each other for what, 5, 6 years?! And we were deskmates in Form 3!! Time really flies so fast.

She hasn't changed; she's still the fun easy-going girl who used to stay at class every evening in Form 3. Her sense of humor hasn't changed at all! I laughed so hard the whole trip I don't think I've ever laughed that much before..hanging out with her makes me realize how much I miss my high school girlfriends, the girls I haven't seen since the last 6 years. Nothing can replace your high school girlfriends, really.

I will upload the pics soon, but out of respect to the lovebirds I'll let them do the honor first ;)

Sneak peek : 
Kumamoto Castle

Come again Chikorn!!! I hope you had a great time :) We missed you already..and good luck with LDR, babe. It sucks I know.

On another note, today is my first day at the lab :) 

I chose the first one on my list; Particle Technology; and so far it's been great. The senpais are cool (and good-looking, not that it's an advantage or anything) and my senseis are real kind. I think I've come to terms with at least one of them when we met him personally for aisatsu (greetings) and told him my nihongo is my utmost weakness, above all.

At least now he knows for future reference.

AND I just knew today I have to show up at the lab every day at 10 am for the next two weeks. TWO WEEKS. No one told me they're cutting my spring break short!!! Pffft....

Well, no one says it's going to be easy.

I'm still nervous about my last sem's result, though. Pray for me, please.


  1. owh atil,particle sgt syg nye mase aku belajar aku dpt lec yg kerek nk mampos but then still suke ngan subjek nih..u'll survive dear!gud luck :)

  2. tula kannnnn :) the one subject i like the most :)
    lecturer aku mmg dah tua gile so lecture mmg agak bosan,but i still love learning about particles.haha.

    thank youuuu buzzy! :D

  3. chikorn lalu~ hye org di atas! ;P
    love the post muahhx! TQ lots too, sorry pape. kim salam shahrul! =]

  4. amboii hahah okay no worries,muahhs! :)


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