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My whole life, chicken dish has always been a big part of my being. I don't eat meat that much, I really, I mean reallyy hate mutton cannot stand the smell, I live off eating ayam goreng KFC practically since I was a kid. Blame my parents.

The other day, I was thinking about making a chicken dish that I've never had before. Something different from usual. So I googled the net.

I found nothing. Seriously, I think I need to go somewhere, like China or India somewhere more exotic, just to get some new ideas how and what to's not funny. I've been swallowing chicken curry and fried rice and ayam masak kicap and ayam masak kurma bla bla bla my whole know, the usual. Blergh. I need a new meal!

One of the things I always demand my mum to send me every other month is mayonnaise. I cannot live without it. I can live without Maggi Chilli Sauce just fine, but not mayonnaise.

So I found the perfect recipe - MAYONNAISE GRILLED CHICKEN!! Godd even the name sounds so fancy! I'm so smart..HAHA.

But apparently some other genius had come up with the dish..I mean wayy I don't need to make up my own recipe, just google it :) Thank God. The easiest, most convenient recipe I can find is as below :

Ingredients :
Parts of chicken breasts/drumstick/whichever part you like, splits into medium size, not too small
2 spoons of mayonnaise
1 or 2 spoons of sweet soy sauce
1 or 2 spoons of oyster sauce
1 piece of Knorr chicken cube
White onion, ginger
Black pepper

How to cook :
Tumbuk the white onion with ginger, grease with chicken and add all the other things.
(I'd add the sweet soy sauce more than the oyster sauce)
Leave it for a while.(30 minutes, tops)
Then grill/fry the chicken, whichever way you like. I don't have the grill thing
at my house so I'd usually just fry it, but it tastes the same, really. Saves time too.

This is a reallll easy meal to cook, add some salad (or anything at all) or if you're a veggie-lover add some veggie meal to eat with rice.

The simplest meal ever, and received compliments ;)

It'd be much better if I can put the step-by-step pictures here but I forgot to take photos -_- I'm sure some of you've tried this recipe before, so this is just for the amateurs like me. Hehe.

Bon appetit!

p/s : he said he loves it. :)

source : net

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