We had our girls' day out the other day. Me, Syena, Farah, Nana, Sara and Iman, Syena's brother.

It's been years since the three of us had our little gathering, so it was a perfect day for me.

You have no idea how it feels not having your bestest friends around you when you're down with something and when they're so far away you can only get in touch with them through Skype/YM. And they cannot go online all the time, which sucks even more because you can but there's no one to talk to.

Even after 7 years, even though we're now physically and emotionally changed, I know the Farah and Syena I knew before have never changed.

They're the sincerest, honest, loyal person/friend I know.


Thank you for being the coolest girlfriends ever :)

The Girls

Syena : The most honest, loyal person I know. She might not be around me all the time, we hardly keep in touch everyday even though we still message each other on YM but we're still the best of friends right from the beginning when we were in Form 4. She's the only one person who can criticize me in everything I do without offending me. We've never had any arguments about anything, that's how patient she is with me. She's still with her boyfriend of 6 years, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!

Farah : The girl I always turn to everytime I have guy troubles. Hehe. She's always fun, outgoing, and has never changed from the moment I met her. Even though we're oceans apart, she never takes things for granted, and blessed with a guy who loves her so much that looking at this pair I knew they'd last for a long time.

P/S : Syena and Farah, I miss you already.

I had the weirdest day today.

I woke up as usual, went to the bathroom and suddenly saw a figure - a man's figure - and I nearly screamed. I mean, literally. I really thought 'OMG a guy in the house call the policeeeee' when suddenly, I realized it was my abang ipar.

I've been living in this house without a man long enough that I got freaked out by a man's figure.

It was a strange feeling, I tell you.

And so today marked the first day my sister and her husband spent the night here. They came back yesterday from her mentua's house to send my second sister off to KL at the jetty and will be staying here for a while.


Maybe I should go seek for some help.

I didn't realize this until today - how sad I am to let my sister go. I mean, she is the queen of this house; she's always doing something whenever she's at home - sweeping the floor, cleaning the toilet, doing the dishes, cooking, etc, etc. I'm not sure if we're really related because I don't think we share the same DNA and traits. I don't know what we'd do without her, once she's out to her own house with her husband.

What I'd do without her.

I wish we could be five again.

But overall, I'm really glad she's found herself a nice, caring husband who I know would take care of her better than anyone else.

And that's enough for me.

I love you Kak Ni, even how much I dreaded waking up to the sound of your shrieking 'OPEN THE WINDOW WAKE UP IT'S NOON ALREADY'; even how much I dreaded the dealing with dishes everytime you ask me to, and even how much I loved teasing you with your super long hair and your cute baby face. I love you though I know you still think of me as this spoiled brat for making you do all the housework. I just love you no matter what.

And last but not least, do pray for me so I can follow your footsteps and get married soon. Hehe.

(This is a tribute to Hawe because I know she hates it when I don't update my blog.)

OK I know I owe you a big fat apology for neglecting this blog for so long.

It's not like I didn't have time to update.

It's just that 1) to update I have to wait till my brother is asleep or haven't woken up yet or out or simply not around, 2) those are not likely to happen as he always sleeps later and wakes up earlier than I do, I swear. I don't know, I just feel uncomfortable writing blogs when he can see it, even if he's five miles away. I think he has this sixth sense he'd know whenever I write about him or about anything..it's just that way.

Talk about paranoid.

First of all, SELAMAT HARI RAYA EVERYBODY!!!! Maaf Zahir Dan Batin :) I hope you all can forgive me for all my wrongdoings, intentionally or not, I'm so sorry. From the bottom of my heart. And may all of you had the best raya ever, like I did :)

Raya was splendidly beautiful. We had our first family reunion after five years of separated from each other (me in Japan, my second sister in New Zealand) so it was kind of heartfelt and a bit sad in gratitude that finally we managed to assemble together as a family. Our little family.

(I wanted to upload more pictures here, but I'm using my sister's laptop and the pictures are in the computer..I hate technology. Seriously. They are supposed to help us improve our lifestyles, right. Then why did my computer is still slow?? It took bloody hours just to upload pictures to Facebook, and another hour just to open blogger. Pffft.)

So please go to my Facebook's account for the pictures, thank you.

Secondly, the wedding.

OMG, it was the best thing ever. Seeing your big sister in wedding dress and pretty veils, smiling happily as her husband took her hand and they walked together. It was such a pretty sight, it humbled me to the ground to realize that love is such a nice thing when it leads to marriage. A good pair of husband and wife; loving each other and wanting to spend their life together. It kind of made me realize that everyone is made for someone. Whether you've found him/her or not.

Of course, the days before the kenduri were disastrous. I had sleepless nights, a tired body and I had to smile and do the yes-I'm-the-bride's-sister-how-are-you chat all the way, while feeling like I need drugs to stay awake.

And the bloody mak andam ruined my hair. I HATE HER.

It was a whole other story when my sister needs to stay at her mentua's house.

It was sad; but funny in a weird way. In my sister's way.

She was supposed to spend a night there, but you should've seen the amount of clothes and stuff she's bringing. I didn't know it was only one night, I thought it was the whole week or something. And before leaving for her mentua's house she kept on telling mum to pick her up the next day's morning. I kind of expected it because she has always been the manja one, but this one is serious.

Anyhow, I wish her happiness. I took my hat off to her, she's someone else's wife now. :)

It's 5 am, and I need to sleep. Meeting the girls tomorrow :)

I promise I will update when I have the opportunity to do so/when my brother is out.


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