little spoiled brat.

I had the weirdest day today.

I woke up as usual, went to the bathroom and suddenly saw a figure - a man's figure - and I nearly screamed. I mean, literally. I really thought 'OMG a guy in the house call the policeeeee' when suddenly, I realized it was my abang ipar.

I've been living in this house without a man long enough that I got freaked out by a man's figure.

It was a strange feeling, I tell you.

And so today marked the first day my sister and her husband spent the night here. They came back yesterday from her mentua's house to send my second sister off to KL at the jetty and will be staying here for a while.


Maybe I should go seek for some help.

I didn't realize this until today - how sad I am to let my sister go. I mean, she is the queen of this house; she's always doing something whenever she's at home - sweeping the floor, cleaning the toilet, doing the dishes, cooking, etc, etc. I'm not sure if we're really related because I don't think we share the same DNA and traits. I don't know what we'd do without her, once she's out to her own house with her husband.

What I'd do without her.

I wish we could be five again.

But overall, I'm really glad she's found herself a nice, caring husband who I know would take care of her better than anyone else.

And that's enough for me.

I love you Kak Ni, even how much I dreaded waking up to the sound of your shrieking 'OPEN THE WINDOW WAKE UP IT'S NOON ALREADY'; even how much I dreaded the dealing with dishes everytime you ask me to, and even how much I loved teasing you with your super long hair and your cute baby face. I love you though I know you still think of me as this spoiled brat for making you do all the housework. I just love you no matter what.

And last but not least, do pray for me so I can follow your footsteps and get married soon. Hehe.

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