updates,readers digest version.

Have no time to update, sorry.
Finished one paper. A million more to go.
PC broke down again. Got it repaired, reformatted, again.
No time to form perfect sentence, sorry.
He is great.
Life is so hectic.
Stressed out.
Talked to mum, feel better.
Lots of things happened.
Learnt a lot.
Someone put it on her profile :)
Now close to 1000 hits :) :)
Listen to Charice Pempengco she's awesome. She's 16.
No time to belek Rakuten Kakaku anymore.
Would love to give Apple Store a piece of my mind.
A million papers to go. Did I mention?
Eyes hurt.
Seizu haven't completed yet.
Twitter conquer no more.
Facebook? No not now.
Ate ayam masak merah. Happy.

More later.

Ooh pray for my exam. Please.



my brain dump.