stating the obvious.

It's easy to make a blog.
But it's hard to maintain the sole purpose of blogging in the first place.

It's easy to make friends with people.
But it's hard to keep the honest ones with our best interests at heart.

It's easy to say we don't care.
But it's hard to actually believe it and act like one.

It's easy to put the blame on other people.
But it's hard to face the reality when karma happened and bite our ass.

It's easy to act like we pay attention.
But it's hard to convince people we hear what they're talking.

It's easy to believe we are right.
But it's hard to know that sometimes we're wrong, and we have to accept that rather than being in denial.

It's easy to trash people and convinced ourselves 'I am right and they are wrong'
But it's hard to confront the people we talk about, come clean and know the truth.

It's easy to gain respect from other people.
But it's hard to get it back when it's gone.

It's easy to say we forgive them.
But it's hard to actually mean it.

It's easy to say 'I'm matured enough'
But it's hard to put the verb in practice.

It's easy to own money.
But it's hard to use it for the universe' benefits.

It's easy to admire and idolize other people.
But it's hard to realize we're not creating ourselves but we're creating them, have no identity and have pride shred into pieces.

It's easy to write about things.
But it's hard to write nice things about people.

It's easy to live.
But it's hard to live with dignity.

It's easy to love.
But it's hard to fall out of love.


my brain dump.