socialising is good for your health.

Right now, all I want is authentic Malaysian food. And nothing else.

I guess this is the price we have to pay for studying our ass off here. (or spending our credit cards off :D)

So yeah I went to see the kitten yesterday. Special thanks to Kak Jyss for making it happened. :)

It's been a while. I hope I won't get too attached to him, though it is so likely. I know. I'm a sucker for cute cats.

So. Cannot. Wait.

Btw. Since when there's a rule that we have to bring food to family's open house?? Honestly. I've been here like 2 years and I've never seen such tradition.

Post edited sebab controversial sangat.


  1. ilek2..tau le dia xbca...perli kat sni pula yerk....hahaha

  2. bkn perli.meluahkan perasaan.hahaha

  3. xsngka pula ko fikir mcm tu yerk ttg apa dia ckap...aku layan je sbb da senior..hahaha



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