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Song : Love Is Not A Competition(But I'm Winning) By Paramore

He introduced this song originally by Kaiser Chief to me and I'm loving it :) It usually takes a good lyrics to hook me up to songs and this one, by far, is the most favorited one.

Things that happened this weekend, in summary :

  • went pool-ing on Saturday night and honoured as the best player :D okay I'm totally exaggerating here it was our second time of playing it so what the heck
  • totally given up of adopting cats but someone came with a shining armor saying "ade kucing harge 5man dekat Fuji Grand!!" haha thank you!
  • have the house all to myself so karaoke session is a must.
  • visited the famous Delilah, finally
  • went home after midnight on Saturday night, I feel like I have a life after such a long time
  • went to eat ice cream
  • attempted Misery Business but failed miserably

I have a paper on Thursday. And no studying so far.

Kak Jyss lent me her Angels And Demons book :) Malas nak tunggu from Amazon.

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