the undomestic goddess.

I'm into all contrast block colors dress/tops right now. It's a disease.

Got another compliment on the ryouri :) But no I cannot do it often, I don't know why.
Tak boleh tido lagi malam ni. I hope I can get up early tomorrow though.

Oh yes I don't think you're that stupid to go through it all over again. When will you learn?

Having faith in wrong things are frustrating, but some things just won't change.

They told me not to trust the other party. Then what else can I trust?

"He'll do things just to hurt you because that's the only thing he can do to you. Getting you hurt is like a win vote for him, without you realizing it"

Why did I encounter things as messy like this. But regardless. At this point, I'm happy.

I knew this one girl back then, who is not categorized as the crowd I want to be, or frankly, the crowd I like. Immature, snotty, a bit of a bitch. The sad thing is everyone was talking bad about her, calling her names, laughing at her back, making rude comments about her body etc. I was almost sympathetic towards her before, until she crossed the line and messed with my life and my relationship. That was when it got ugly. I've never met someone I loathed so much in my entire life.

I was this close to confront her. But something tells me that I should just leave it behind and let her be till she gets the point and apologize, or something.

Well, this is almost the same situation but hardly the same. The backing off feeling is similar, but things are hardly. One thing that is also similar - I suddenly feel like punching someone's face.

Too bad.

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