Now Listening To Kiss Me by Sixpence None The Richer.

I seriously seriously want to play that song. Cis betul.

Oh I forgot to make him sing this tadi. You'll have to on 1 am.
I had a very good entertainment in those 30 minutes :) Thank you!

My voice is still horrible I can't do Pupus properly haha. It'd be nice if I can :) I wanted to make the list. Nanti lah.

The cough medicine he gave me is killing my throat. Pahit gile. I hate ginsengggg sheesh.
But thank you :)

Mood swings. Mood swings.

We went to take our visa today. Then terus balik, without singgah anywhere. What an achievement.

If I get sick more often my purse would be thicker.

I'm in the mood for Indonesian songs. Hahaha.

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