wishful thinking.

Paper was hard, but I think I did my best. I used to love suugaku though, but things have changed a lot in uni's life.

I get distracted easily. Give me anything, a song, a message, food - I will entertain you to no end and leave everything behind. I know it sounds like I'm friendly, but I'm not. I'm just simply an easily distracted person.
Or so I thought.

I'm Yours live version is always so much better :)

1 down, 5 to go.
2 papers tomorrow.

I don't want to read. Anymore.

I wrote this, back in 2005.

I'm not a backstabber. I can't do this. But he'll keep coming back and I don't know what to do, she hasn't returned any of my calls, I'm worried. Maybe I can get grandma to help me reach her?

That she was my bestfriend. Ex, kot. The one person I'm comfortable to hang out with, considering the few numbers of girl friends I had back in primary school. I didn't get the chance to apologize, though I don't really know what for. But I wish she was here, now. I wish she'd read this.

Someone please take my phone from me, I cannot concentrate.

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