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I received a mail yesterday, with the headline :

Dear Nurzatil A, introducing..eBay Japan!

I swear I almost had a heart attack.
Turned out it is an eBay supported website/service, but it's far from the usual eBay. I think. And they supplied individual service - to sell your things, etc. Not intending to sign up just yet till I'm confirmed to move.

Yeah I think I'm gonna move out. To a new place.
A smaller, quieter and far place would do me good. House hunting starts the end of the month :)

Have to set up a meet with the fudousan. The internet guys. The gas, water, electric people.
If I'm lazy enough, I might cancel the move.

3 papers more. 2 of which I have very low level of confidence in.

And omg I found a mail I wrote back in 2005 hahaha.

A Letter To My Unborn Child, dated ** of ** 2005.

Your mum had her very first bad paper today. I think you are lucky because by the time you are born your mother would have been a very intelligent person(hopefully), maybe wiser than now, because I CAN'T MAKE SENSE OF WHAT WAS ASKED TODAY. The paper was bad, I tell you. I honestly do not know where my ability of thinking had gone, because obviously it's on short supply today.
I hate exams.
You better be born naturally brainy because you may not get that from me. Or maybe I can marry a very clever man and birth a genius child.
And yeah, I don't have a boyfriend yet so I do not know who'd be your father.
Gosh the exam is stressing me out. But this is nice, I should write to you more often. Oh and for the record, I am 18 when I write this. I don't know when would you be born, but I hope not so soon. Maybe around 27-28-29..
Ok better stop now. Dinner's waiting. Be sure to note when you're reading this that your mum is a very skinny person and she can eat so much that her weight won't even changed. So I can be proud.

p/s : I may not know you yet but I love you :)

Your mum, Zatil Aqmar. 18.

I remember this was written after a very 'bad' paper of nihongo..hahaha. So much for the hype. The non-boyfriend days. The stressing over nihongo, physics, chemistry exams. Had to go to the cyber cafe for internet connection, and the place always freaks me out since it is located in guys' block, so we had to cross the hallway of guys' rooms. And it was very dark. The computers are old, the internet connection was freaking slow. And once the guy sitting beside me watched porn that I got out of the room as soon as the website popped up. Bodo punye orang. But then berani lagi pegi sorang.

2005. Lawak lawak.

I think I'm so much different now. I'm glad.

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