I was about to complain about late delivery. Nasib baik kalau tak.
:) :)

If this, too, give me rashes I don't know what else I should get.

Honolulu, Hawaii.

"Nak pegi Hawaii tak"
"Serious ke" "Ye la"

15 minutes after that I've googled which shopping center where and what. Ala Moana is apparently the biggest one.

But I thought if we really wanted to go we should plan this way early.

I feel like selling my old clothes for Ala Moana.

That is, if our Paris trip is canceled. -_-

p/s : Dekat sesape yang pegi concert Jason Mraz semalam. Damn.


  1. haha.jeleslaa.ak bru blek frm cncert jasonmraz ni.ekekekeke.

  2. ahahaha juaaa cheyttt.knape mesti kat sanee.ciss :(