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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


being a mommy
working life

fever-ishly speaking.

The sore throat is killing me. Coughing all the way even with a bottle of cough medicine.

He gets worried everytime I'm down with cough because he knows I can have a really bad one. He said I'll get the medicine tomorrow, but what he doesn't know is the 'surprise' he said is waiting for me has already did it :)

For the first time I don't mind having someone other than me in the house. Because of the fever kot.

He said I don't look fat. But maybe it's hormonal that most women think that their body are in their very worst condition during that time of the month.

p/s : I'm a UK 6, and just now I saw the Victoria Beckham's documentary on Youtube. She's a UK 6.
I cannot possibly be that tiny.
Another one point for her.


  1. patutla dulu aku tgk ko cam anorexic je skarang xdh ;) btl ke still size 6 ni,aku rs sbb uve got smaller bones la

    tolong la mkn byk skit..


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