I think I may have a split personality at some sorts. Or is it just hormonal?
I confused myself a lot, I don't think it's normal. Kejap ok, kejap tak ok. Never mind lah.

Sore throat to the max. I can barely breathe properly, or talk. I think the cold medicine has a huge effect on me. Mata berpinar, kepale pusing.

I hate this.

Please make me well again :( I'm tired of swallowing pills. Or hot warm drinks. I need coffee, but I can't, because it'll keep me awake when I should be resting and add more headache.

I slept from noon till 3 pm something. Woke up by a bad dream, could barely see things properly and stayed in front of the computer till he got home. Talk. Took a bath, cooked ayam masak kurma. I can't stand meat at the moment. Ayam boleh lagi.

Sore throat gila.

And I got the hand-made calendar made by budak2 onna AAJ. Patut lah Saff mintak address hari tu ye haha. Thanks people :)

I should have a good rest before the hectic weekend begins.


  1. kene minum air kosong byk2...nanti bile sakit tekak die start pening2,batuk2,pastu demam plak
    lagi2 tgh fuyu nih..nanti kaco nak exm plak