I got bored of templates easily.

This is the most decent one I can find for this blog. Though I don't know if you can see me in this?

A long-lost friend added me up, and tengok gambar rase natsukashii gila. I wonder how many times I've mentioned the word. Here. I don't think we were that close like I was closed with Yati but she was definitely some of the girls who'd stand up for me against the neverending fights with boys. She was there, and wasn't among the girls who'd bitch about me.
I think I had a quite interesting childhood haha.

Why do I feel like I was so much wiser in primary school years.

Thanks for all the best wishes :) I'm fine. We're fine.

I think they're making movies like Disaster Movie just out of boredom. Stupid.

And omg Beckham gave Victoria the Birkin bag, one of the three existing in the world. -_-

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