new work bag

Was on the hunt for a good, sturdy but compact laptop bag when I came across this one.

A leather backpack from Sakura Malaysia. 

So over totes as they're not exactly handy when there's so much stuff inside - in my case; laptop, laptop charger, breastpump, cooler bag, purse, makeup bag - they're my essential nowadays. Sometimes when I'm really lucky, I'd have to carry some extra document for meetings, which only adds to the weight even more and my shoulder would hurt like nobody's business.

Backpack to the rescue!

Found out that Sakura Malaysia was having a sale, managed to ask a personal shopper who shops Sakura Malaysia regularly and got this delivered to the office days later. The fee was only a few bucks, plus the shipping fee. Got the bag for much less too!

Even husband loves the bag so much, I suspect he wants one for himself. He asked if it comes in other colors, size, etc..he really loves the bag, just that he didn't want to say it out loud.

Because matchy bags for husband and wife are so cheesy WTF. But personally I won't mind though XD


  1. Salaam Zatil..
    This bag really caught my eyes..
    Are you sure you can fit your laptop, breastpump and cooler bag in there? If yes, am so gonna buy it now..

    1. Hi Nurul!

      Actually I use this bag to put my laptop and breastpump, while for my cooler bag, I have another smaller bag as hand carry. So basically for work, I have two bags which makes my life easier - my laptop, breastpump bag, purse and makeup pouch inside the backpack and cooler bag, car keys and smaller things inside the hand carry. The hand carry is super small, just nice for the cooler bag and other small things. It's convenient for me that way :) Hope that helps!



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