how Rayyan plays

Just thought of penning it down here so that I won't forget.

Last few weeks, we discovered that Rayyan has picked up a few ways to play/interact with us XD And it all relates back to how we actually play with him!

#1 : Peekaboo

Baby Centre told me that at this stage, babies usually developed an interest in baby tricks, specifically peekaboo. So it became our main act to play with him; because he just couldn't stop laughing when we peekaboo-d him.

But it was always one-sided. Rayyan would usually respond with hysterical laugh, and that was it.

Until one day, we were in the car, on the way back from somewhere - when I played peekaboo with him, using his napkin. Laughing, I didn't really realize this - until I suddenly saw him taking the napkin into his hands.

And while fixing his look at me, he held up the napkin in the air - and pulled it down fast. 

And did it over and over again, giving me his smug smiling face, as if telling me that he's tricking me. 

At that moment, I realized that my boy has decided that he's the one playing peekaboo with me, instead of vice versa.

The first time he's ever done that.

Of course, being #noobparents, I quickly took my phone and recorded the whole thing and showed it to the husband bahaha. 

#2 : The halfway roll

Rayyan is at the stage where every time you put him down, he'd quickly roll over to crawl. Crawling is his thang nowadays, much to our delight (he's getting closer to walking!) and sorrow (OMG he's gonna eat that shoes).

So when I needed him to lie still, I'd playfully hold his body so he won't be able to roll over everytime he tried. I'd usually do it while laughing just so he'd know that I'm playing with him, instead of telling him to lie still sternly; because the latter would usually agitate him even more to roll over and crawl.

One day, while changing his diapers I did the same thing I used to do to stop him from rolling over. Guess what? This time, he tried to roll over - but before I get to hold his body, he'd roll back again.

And did it over and over.

Took me a few minutes to realize this - he actually just acah me of rolling over by stopping halfway XD And did it over and over again, laughing. He knew it was a trick!

So yes, that was how we learned Rayyan knows tricks to play with us now. It has a major effect on me - just a minute ago, he was this small human being who'd just lie still on the bed wrapped in his napkin, content with just milk and poop and sleep. Now he's..far farrrr from that phase, I nearly don't recognize the newborn version of him anymore.

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