best birthday ever

I turned 28 recently.

Like previous years, I think Shahrul and I have exhausted ourselves on methods to celebrate each other's birthday - romantic, laid back, over the top - I think we've done it all. I mean..9 years of your life is quite a long time to share with another person, don't you think? I think we've done it all!

Sending flowers, bears, making handmade scrap cards, handmade scrap page and cakes.

But I honestly think..this year Shahrul has topped it all.

That wish post on Instagram

On my birthday eve, while having dinner I noticed he was looking through his picture album in his phone. He has access to my social media accounts; Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, so he could access all my accounts easily. There were times when he'd hijacked my Twitter account to post some silly things his wife did, just for fun.

(I know -_-")

Then at midnight, while we were getting ready for bed after feeding Rayyan and putting him to sleep, he sneakily posted a picture of me with Rayyan on my Instagram account for this year's birthday wish.

He basically hijacked my Instagram account to wish my birthday, in the sweetest way possible - by choosing the most flattering picture of me during pantang to post! Haha.

I'd rather not be cheesy and post what he captioned, but it summarized my birthday wish this year perfectly, with Rayyan in the picture.

The special cake

He was working that day on my birthday. When he came home, he brought home this, with a single flower and a card.

12 slices of various Secret Recipe's cakes. It has everything - chocolate indulgence, strawberry shortcake, blueberry cheesecake - thoughtfully chosen by him and they were all my favorite.

And to think I just gave him flowers and a Beryl's chocolate for his birthday..T.T

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