his 26th birthday.

Super late post but I'm blaming it on Poslaju. Pfftt.

His birthday was on 5th, and I planned a surprise (low-key) for him as he's been telling me to tone down the celebration (apparently he's not big on birthdays - that fact is pretty well established, if you read this blog since 2008) and I think last year's surprise was too overwhelming for him. For this year, he kept telling me not to spend too much for the birthday present (I suspect there's an underlying meaning behind that sentence) so I turned to my long-abandoned hobby, scrapbooking.

You see, I thought the hobby would die down as I have no idea where to find the scrapbooking materials here. Also, the price would be astronomical considering how expensive it is even in Japan, so I was not counting on it.

But Google told me there are good online stores in Malaysia selling awesome scrapbooking stuff, so there. Spent about a week accumulating stuff I need, having the goods delivered to the office, another week picking out pictures and layout and everything - he finally got the card today!

I really thought once I started working I won't have much time to do this compared to while in uni, but this proved otherwise (can't really use that excuse anymore pfft). Managed to squeeze in some alone time and turned on Jason Mraz songs on iTunes and that was it! Never thought I could finish it but since it's a card-size small, so it's easier to do than doing a full-page scrapbook.

To the only guy in the world who I've ever made scrapbooks for, thank you for still telling me how lucky you are to have me everyday even after years. I hope you like your birthday present this year, and I hope you know how proud I am of you.

*blows nose*

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