my thoughts on having a kid blogging in 7 days? Is completely acceptable.

It ain't easy though.

Rayyan has just fallen asleep, and I'm taking this opportunity to do the laundry, fold clothes, cook, and check Instagram. These things, are only accessible to me when Rayyan is sleeping because when he's up, that means he'll need to be fed.

Nighttime to early mornings are the worst.

The challenges

I basically sleep for 1 - 2 hours at night before Rayyan wakes up and demands to be fed. His routine is (so far) sleep at 11 pm, wakes up at 1.30 am, feed, sleep, wakes up again at 3 am, change diapers, feed, sleep, wakes up again at 5.30 am, feed, sleep.

That said, all these, while having Shahrul by my side is something I'm eternally grateful for. The day he'd have to go away for business trip is the day I'm going to cry blood.

The perks :) much as I want to say everything is hard (and new T.T); you know the saying mothers would miss their child even though they're right in front of them? That's proven true. Rayyan has just fallen asleep and right now, all I can think about is shaking him up and kissing his face and putting him in my arms for as long as he desires.

When 5 minutes ago I was dreading his unwillingness to go to sleep T.T

So cliche WTF.

Can't believe I pushed out a human being a month ago.



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