the thing about stray cats in japan

Remember this post? You know, when I was webcamming with a kitten like an old crazy hag?

So apparently, that little kitten has grown into this now.

And these are stray cats, mind you. He's not actually keeping them, because they're so scared of human they won't even go near him, but they'll be where the food is. So he took the trouble to buy cat food and put it outside his apartment for them to eat when they think he's not looking.

You will never find stray cats in Malaysia looking like this, and it saddens me somehow. In Japan, they don't really favor cats because to them dogs are more reliable - and somehow, it's just so hard to find cats there, even at the park or garden. Even if you do, the stray cats will run away from you as far as they could - they really don't like human.

But you'll never see sick, thin, starving cats anywhere there. Somehow they're all so well-kept - maybe by some people who didn't intend to keep them but still give free food to them, like him.

And now in Malaysia, you can see people chopping off a cat's leg for stealing some leftovers.

It just doesn't make sense to me, this world and self-proclaimed Islamic country we're living in.

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