instant lift-up.

Went out with him to celebrate new year since he's here..and guess what he got me!

Fujifilm's Instax 210 camera.

He knew what I've been writing to my fairies all along.

I've been eyeing this instax camera ever since I watched this Korean drama - You're Beautiful, where towards the end the female lead used an Instax mini camera - a slightly smaller version of this 210 version. The pictures are smaller, but the mini camera is just too cute I had a hard time to choose.

So settled for bigger pictures instead, even if I have to carry a big bulky camera around. Worth it!

Another thing in the list to be crossed off :)

And we celebrated new year with big steaks and salmons. SERIOUSLY YUM.

I'm definitely not a fan of lambs (can't even smell the cooking) but this one right here is so delicious I had to try. Salmons are always my favorite (provided that they're cooked, not raw) so there's no complaint there.

We even had to ditch Chilies cause we were too full after the big lunch. Sheeshh am craving for steaks now..

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