yours truly updated

I've been postponing it for so long, just because I really don't feel like I was at the time and place to write - of course, I was supposed to write about "myself", and it can't be any easier than that.

Actually, writing about who you are is the hardest part. And now, for the first time at this point of my life, I really feel like it's who I want to be and where I want to be.

With the boyfriend's constant nagging of "when are you going to update it??" - obviously he knew I was in denial - it feels different, changing your status from "an engineering student" to "currently employed". In all honesty, I'm still in denial, but I'm letting you guys know who I really am, just through this blog. See, you guys are special.

I didn't realize just what a sentimental nutcase I just sound. Sheesh.

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