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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

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new look.

I've finally updated my desktop to Windows 7 last night, thanks to Mr. Basha. We got it for free from uni HAHAHA finally my uni is doing something right!

I'm still figuring out things (I don't know much about computers except browsing internet and saving pictures and music. So far, that's pretty much what I do with my desktop) but so far I'M LOVING IT! Watched a couple of videos at Youtube, and it's true, Windows 7 is so much better than Vista.

I've been a faithful user of Windows 97-2003-2007-XP, so you can imagine how thrill I am. Hehe.

No, I don't miss XP at all.


  1. everyone same wallpaper. Change la. hahaha (use that 3 scary dolls wallpaper)
    p/s: there were no windows 97,2003, and 2007. Only windows 98,ME and XP.. haha

  2. the dolls are NOT scary, they are cute!! grr..

    i was confused 97 ke 98 but couldnt be bothered to google so bantai je HAHAHA :D suke hati je made up windows punye name. im no computer expert ok!! pfft

  3. baru nak komen..manade windows 97,2003,2007..wahahaaaa =D =D

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  5. I would like to exchange links with your site
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